The professionals at Rx Financial Security help you achieve Financial Freedom
through 3 integrated action plans.

We believe these are the building blocks of financial freedom.

Tax Reduction

Help eliminate Loss of earnings to unnecessary income taxes

Are you using the tax code to help maximize your hard earned savings?

Taxes, Earnings, and AgePeople often assume that they are getting the best tax savings through their accountants. Unfortunately, this may not happen. With our tax planning focus, we work with you and your accountant to create customized tax strategies. These strategies take advantage of opportunities within the tax code to help deliver your goals in each stage of your life and career.

Prudent Investing

Plan around uncompensated investment risk

Are you confident that you have the right balance of
prudent investments to support the lifestyle you want,
from now until the end of your retirement?


Risk vs. ReturnDevelopers of modern portfolio theory won a Nobel prize for their scientific analysis of how to use diversification to help maximize investment returns while minimizing risk.  We apply this winning approach, working along with some of the leading money managers in the country with the goal of optimizing your financial returns based on your personal risk tolerance.



Asset Protection

Help eliminate loss of assets to litigation

Are you paying enough attention to protecting your assets, so that you and your family are insulated from risk of litigation?

America is the most litigious society in the world. The U.S. has more lawyers per capita than any other nation*.

We assist our clients by developing asset protection strategies as an integral component of our services.